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Telecheck - Also called delivery verification. Definition: The quality control process of spot-checking a sampling of delivery points in a route or delivery zone via phone survey. Delivery verification may be used to help ensure:

That everyone in the route or delivery zone received books. 

That the books were delivered in a proper manner (e.g., not tossed in driveways)

That the carrier performed the services for which he is seeking payment.

Telecheck Sheets - Definition: Occupant list forms for verifying deliveries via telephone survey. Telecheck sheets include residential and business names, addresses, and phone numbers grouped by route or delivery zone.

Occupant list addresses for telecheck sheets must be coded and sorted to match the routes or zones used in the delivery. DirectoryDistribution.com  can code occupant lists for both postal carrier routes (left) and grid mapping (right).
Telecheck sheets allow quality control workers to "box-in" questionable deliveries to determine the extent of a delivery problem. Telechecking is essential for quality control and inventory control. Telechecking is the best deterrent to prevent book dumping and helps ensure that directories are properly delivered.