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They may be yellow, but they are worth gold!
Dirty Secrets:
What directory delivery insiders don't want you to know

"We've seen publishers pay double, even triple what they should be paying.

Fraud and kickbacks are common."

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DirectoryDistribution.com's Flex-Zones serve as sales canvassing territories,  scoping units, and delivery routes. They can also be grouped together for customized ride-alongs. One product, many applications. And they cost under a penny per book.


By grouping and mapping advertiser locations with Flex-Zones, more sales calls can be completed in less time.


Unlike ZIP Codes, Flex-Zones are designed with shopping patterns, drive times, and proximity to advertisers in mind.


Flex-Zones stretch print dollars with scoping that is 5 to 10 times more precise than ZIP Codes. Keep the good areas. Re-allocate books from bad areas or cut your print orders.


Flex-Zones also serve as delivery routes. They require 28% less labor to deliver than other routing methods.


You can also get your custom Flex-Zones bundled with all the route maps, forms, and reports needed to distribute your directories. With these complete yellow page delivery kits, anyone can deliver your books.


These yellow page delivery kits can be used to deliver your books internally, or you can disburse them to delivery vendors, newspaper carriers, circular companies, or civic groups (as fund raisers).


Need delivery vendors? Call or email us for a free list.


You'll have an extra copy of the delivery kits to facilitate communications, set priorities, and track delivery progress.



Free report for yellow page sales reps:




If the Sopranos wanted to branch out, they might have done well to consider yellow pages distribution. "Yellow page publishers are overwhelmingly dominated by people with a sales background. As a result, there tends to be less interest and oversight on distribution which makes that area a perfect environment for fraud. Kickbacks and sweetheart deals are particularly common in the bidding process. And the offenders are often the most trusted managers. " notes DirectoryDistribution.com founder and president, David Parks. "We've seen publishers pay double, even triple what they should be paying." he added.

"Waste is also a huge added cost." says Qiulan Zuo. "Much of the industry is still using methods from the old Ma Bell days when the cost-plus system rewarded inefficiency."

It is imperative that publisher owners and CEO's get directly involved. Lower level managers tend to have a vested interest in the status quo. Ask questions. Personally review all bids. Use outside accounting specialists to recommend safeguards. The only way to preserve profitability in this industry is to cut costs and that means doing things differently.

Publishers spend millions of dollars on their print orders so accounting for that investment is critical. A very common scam is to dump large quantities of books instead of delivering them.

A Dirt Cheap Hack

Technology can help. GPS delivery tracking is an obvious solution but exceeds the budgets of many delivery firms. For those delivery workers, DirectoryDistribution.com has an answer: garage door openers masquerading as GPS tracking devices.

Garage door openers can be purchased from Alibaba for under a few dollars each. They look just like real GPS tracking units. Simply instruct the delivery worker to press the button on the device for each book delivered. The fake trackers will deter fraud just like fake video cameras deter crime. Delivery workers will assume all of their deliveries are being tracked and counted. The inventory of fake GPS units can be seeded or replaced with real GPS tracking units as budgets allow.

For a free consultation including other cost-saving hacks, call your DirectoryDistribution.com representative at 1-888-585-6933. Or email David@DirectoryDistribution.com.

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More directory delivery horror stories:

Inadequate deliveries are usually fixed by redelivering routes. But that means duplication in printing and delivery costs for the publisher.

Higher print and delivery costs aren’t the only problems associated with print inventory waste. Businesses may drop their ads when they don't get a book or if they don't get enough calls.

Unethical business practices by a publisher's delivery vendors can result in PR disasters. A vendor hit by fraud might not be able to pay workers. Competing media have a huge motive to slam yellow pages and carry the story, damaging the publisher's brand.

“The yellow pages industry has certainly changed over the last few years.” noted David. “During most of our 30 years in the industry, reported incidents of fraud were common. With the slowdown of the industry, however, publishers have started to take notice."

For tips on how to avoid these types of horror stories, contact us for a free consultation:
1-888-585-6933. Or email David@DirectoryDistribution.com.

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The YP print management specialists
The YP print management specialists