's Yellow Page Delivery Kits:
Includes all the maps, reports, forms, and data processing needed to distribute directories. Just add books and labor.



Sell more while stretching print orders

Our yellow page delivery kits include a long list of maps, forms, and reports. Among them:


Flex-Zones for delivery, scoping, and sales canvassing.

Individual route maps showing advertiser locations, opt-outs, and alternate street names. Forms and reports for delivery tracking, demographics, etc. Wall maps for route selection and delivery tracking. Advertiser signature sheets. Labels for PO boxes. Paper & digital copies provided.


How much do our products cost? Between 1 and 3 cents per book.


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David has 30 years of experience working with yellow page publishers and delivery vendors

Need a delivery vendor?

We can provide all the mapping, routing, data, and forms needed for the door-to-door saturation delivery of phone books. Use these kits to deliver your books yourself or provide them to an outside vendor, newspaper carriers, civic groups, etc. If you need a distribution vendor, let us know. We can help!

Our delivery maps, forms, and reports are available by download, by email, or via FedEx, UPS, or USPS.