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Yellow Page Scoping, Sales, and Delivery Products's Business and Bulk Drop Lists

Bulk Drop: Definition - A delivery of a large number of books to a single delivery point. Examples: Apartments, hotels, motels, and large businesses.'s business lists include the number of employees at each business location in a market. The lists also include SIC codes (similar to yellow page headings) for each business. These SIC codes allow one to identify bulk users such as apartments and hotel/motels. The lists can be accompanied by maps showing the location of each business.

By knowing the type of business, number of employees, and locations of all businesses, delivery managers can easily determine most of the bulk drop locations for a market. Rather than paying an expensive per-book piece-rate for these deliveries, the delivery manager can dispatch an hourly employee (or an independent contractor paid by the stop) and save a lot of money.

These lists also improve inventory control. How? In test samples, the coefficient of correlation between postal delivery statistics and actual books delivered has been low - probably because businesses have been the wild cards. A delivery worker can claim to have delivered a large number of books at business stops when, in fact, the delivery worker delivered only a few books and dumped the rest. The delivery manager has no choice but to pay the claim. With the business lists, however, the delivery worker and the delivery manager both know the type of business and the number of employees at each business location. This dramatically reduces the chances that the delivery worker will dump books and submit fraudulent delivery claims.

The business lists can also be used to call potential bulk drops just prior to delivery to determine the number of books needed and to arrange entry into restricted-access facilities.

In the map (left), each dot represents a delivery stop. The red dots are motels. The green dots are other businesses. The blue dots are residences. The yellow square is an apartment complex.

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