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Advertiser Signature Sheets

Definition: Forms signed by advertiser employees acknowledging receipt of new directories. Also known as Advertiser Receipts.

Advertiser receipts serve a number of important functions. They help delivery managers confirm that all advertisers received books and they help resolve collection problems. Advertisers sometimes claim to have not received books when, in fact, someone within the advertiser's organization received the books but subsequently misplaced them. The signature sheets help track down the misplaced books and prevent poor distribution from being an excuse for nonpayment of ads. can produce advertiser signature sheets from virtually any file format. Advertiser addresses are scrubbed and standardized, then matched with their delivery zones. Output is available in hard copy (printed) or electronic (Excel, Microsoft Access, Adobe Acrobat, html, or many other file formats).

Our directory scoping, sales territory, and delivery products are available over the web, on digital media, by email, or shipped to you via your choice of FedEx, UPS, or US Mail