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Yellow page publishers: Lower your yellow page distribution costs: Our yellow page delivery kits enable newspaper carriers, TMC vendors (shopper and penny-saver crews), and delivery vendors to distribute your books at much lower cost.

YP Flex-Zones are small geographical units that serve as building blocks for scoping units, sales territories, and delivery zones. They are custom-designed for your markets and cost as little as a fraction of a penny per book. Flex-Zones are perfect for stepping down print orders since they are up to 10 times more precise than ZIP Codes. Keep the good parts of your markets while dropping the unprofitable neighborhoods.

Flex-Zones can help...

YP Sales Reps: By grouping and mapping advertiser locations, more sales calls can be completed. Spend more time selling, less time in traffic.

Scoping: Unlike ZIP Codes, Flex-Zones are designed with shopping patterns, drive times, and proximity to advertisers in mind.

Print: Flex-Zones stretch print dollars with scoping that is up to 10 times more precise than ZIP Codes. Keep the good areas; skip the bad ones. Re-allocate books where they will help retain accounts.
Free report: Learn these yellow page sales and scoping hacks:
  Advertiser-centric scoping & distribution.
Keep the same market boundaries despite cuts in print quantities.
Stop wasting books on overlapping markets.
What NOT to do when print orders are cut.
Include more advertisers within markets.

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Order Flex-Zones for scoping and sales canvassing but also use them for distribution.

For an extra 1/2 to 2 cents per book, your Flex-Zones can be bundled into yellow page delivery kits. These kits include all the maps, forms, reports, opt-outs, and other data processing needed for distribution.

See advertisers and opt-outs on the canvassing and delivery maps. Deliver by map 28% faster and cheaper than postal carrier routes. Improve collections with advertiser signature sheets. Identify and prioritize VIP routes with sortable reports. 

87% of yellow page managers rated us "Good" or "Excellent" in quality and performance.
80% in the anonymous survey judged our prices as good to excellent.
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