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Publishers: Increase profits with targeted delivery
Slash print costs. Cut:
Mobile homes
RV parks

Save with selective delivery!

Eliminating mobile homes, RV parks, and apartments can dramatically increase a yellow page publisher's profits. Additional savings can be made by limiting distribution by income and other demographics, proximity to advertisers, and other factors.

Extend the life of your markets. Reallocate books where they will better serve advertisers and increase usage. Keep advertising rates affordable by using targeted distribution.

YP Micro-Zones, available exclusively from, are up to 10 times more precise than ZIP Codes. Keep desirable areas while skipping bad ones on a block-by-block basis.

Get competing bids from delivery companies with just one call.

Let delivery vendors compete for your business with just one call. We'll collect delivery bids from national, regional, and local delivery vendors. Easy, quick, and anonymous. Save even more with trade-outs.

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