Keep the best parts of each ZIP Code. Skip the rest.

Keep your current delivery vendors but outsource directory downsizing and re-scoping to Our scoping and delivery routing services are usually free given the savings from print and delivery cost cuts.

Yellow Page Flex Zones from allow publishers to reduce print and delivery costs on the fly. Cut a little or cut a lot in real time.

Dual purpose re-scoping and delivery Flex Zones are many times more granular than ZIP Codes. Keep the good parts of each ZIP while skipping the bad parts. Choose at the last minute which neighborhoods to include or exclude. Step-down printing quantities as needed from edition to edition. Concentrate print orders for maximum effectiveness based upon advertiser locations, print quantities, and other critical factors.

Yellow Page Flex Zones also reduce delivery labor costs by 28% compared to industry-standard postal carrier routes.

Cutting entire ZIP Codes is rarely the best way to downsize. Instead, skip the bad parts of every ZIP Code in every market using Yellow Page Flex Zones from

We can take your existing market boundaries and divide up the ZIP Codes into Flex-Zones. Or we can re-scope your entire markets from scratch. We'll provide maps and reports so that your sales managers can prioritize zones and easily decide how and where to cut print quantities for on an edition by edition basis.

Make your circulation advertiser-focused instead of based around arbitrary ZIP Code boundaries. Get the most out of your print orders.

Switch from saturation to select, targeted delivery. Optionally exclude mobile homes and apartments to reduce print quantities up to 30% (varies by region). Designate individual zones containing dormitories and student housing as do-not-deliver zones. Concentrate circulation by proximity to advertisers, by drive time, shopping patterns, or many other variables.

Slash print orders with targeted circulation.

Vary delivery rules within the same market. Apartments located close to advertisers, for example, can be included while being excluded in more remote areas. Our reports and maps facilitate changes in real time and help accommodate book shortages or surpluses on the fly.

Prioritize delivery. Deliver advertiser-heavy zones first. Saturate VIP zones while cutting books in less important areas. Choose which areas to hand-deliver and which areas to deliver by mail.

The same zone maps can also be used for pick-up sweeps. The sweeps are used to recover excess books placed at vacant housing units, mailboxes, and apartment bulk drops. Pick-up sweeps are a great way to satisfy environmentalists and city governments while stretching print orders.

Delivery kits or route maps from enable anyone to meet the unique requirements of yellow pages circulation. Publishers can dole out markets or individual routes to multiple delivery vendors, their own employees, fund-raising groups, or laborers from staffing and temp agencies. Having a single source for the routing prevents missed or overlapping deliveries while providing convenience and standardization.

Considering mailed distribution?

Advertisers will think: If pennysavers can be hand-delivered, if a mom and pop business can afford door hangers, there's no reason entire books full of ads can't be delivered to the door. Home delivery has always been an integral part of the yellow pages product but with GrubHub, DoorDash, Amazon, Postmates, Instacart, and everybody else rushing to the door, it's more critical than ever, perhaps even a selling point.

About American Trend/

We started over 30 years ago as a business consulting and IT vendor for the directory subsidiary of a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC). Since then, we have continued to work exclusively with telco and independent directory publishers and their delivery vendors.

Our YP Flex route zones and delivery kits have been used for over 100 million yellow page deliveries. We don't perform deliveries ourselves but we work closely with international. regional, and local delivery vendors. by American Trend

Featuring Yellow Page Micro-Flex Zones for re-scoping, sales canvassing, and distribution. One product, multiple uses.

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